Working in the community to promote the art of bell ringing.


The Thomas Cooper striking competition

2018 Was at Dilwyn on Saturday 6th October

The Test Piece: Plain Bob Doubles

 120 Changes

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The test piece was a 120 changes of Plain Bob Doubles; 5th called at 3 times behind.

Judge: John Eisel

Results as follows:

First (Band 1).             Church Stretton A             9 ½ faults.

Second (Band 7).         Ledbury                              14 faults.

Third (Band 9).           Bridgnorth                          17 faults.

Fourth (Band 8).         Hereford                             23 faults.

Fifth (Band 2).             Clifford and Kington         26 ½ faults.

Sixth (Band 6).            Ross on Wye                       27 faults.

Seventh (Band 3).        Church Stretton B             29 faults.

Eighth (Band 5).          Bromyard                           30 faults.

Ninth (Band 4).           Leominster                          35 ½ faults.


Original Entry requirement detail via this link

The competition for 2019 has yet to be descided and will be released after the Guild AGM.

The date will be 12th October Mark Pugh.